The Value of the Cold War – 24

In today’s world, in every aspect of life, the dullard ‘excels’.   The intelligent are shoved aside.  The population has been trained to follow the dullards.

When what intelligent people say conflicts with what is the ‘accepted view’,  the intelligent are slapped with some semi-political classification which allows their views to be discounted.

“Oh, he’s a socialist…”  sneers someone,  “They believe the Earth is Round…”    In this way, using the ‘key’ word   “socialist” (or liberal, or democrat, or communist… or whatever the particular society holds as anti) the views of that person are discarded.

The language used today is simple and repetitive.  Few facts are involved.   This is easy for the average person to understand.

Appreciate that in the 1950s the Average I.Q. was 100.   Today, the average is about 90.  Persons who would have been considered borderline retarded in 1955, for example, are now standard.

This was deliberate as less intelligent people are more  easily led.  It is simple to make them believe  that vaccinations cause Autism.  

That millions of people were vaccinated and showed no sign of Autism, and that the charlatan who stated such fallacy is in total disgrace, is unknown by a large segment of the population; primarily the lower or unnecessary classes.

The Anti-Vaxxer campaign was to get rid of the children of the poor, those of particular cults or clans, people the upper levels of society consider  unnecessary or undesirable.    

The wealthy, the intelligent, vaccinate their children.

As long as it is  the children of nobodies who sicken and die, and the children of the better classes are safe, it’s a desired result.

For those in power, it is natural selection.


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