The Position of Scorn

Denise was the Scorn. Anything went wrong, it was her fault. Some people would say things like; “Denise said…”  and a lot of people wouldn’t speak to Denise.

Denise died. That didn’t stop people from saying;  “You know what Denise said about you…”  and the hearer believed it absolutely.

I found out that Denise had died two weeks ago. Myrna was telling Zelda what Denise had said about her when I came up and with an innocent face asked when and Myrna told me…”Just yesterday…”

“You mean Denise told you that Zelda did that yesterday?”

“Yes!”  Exclaimed Myrna.

“That is really scary… considering Denise died two weeks ago.”

I walked away because I didn’t need to hear the response.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar