The Pleasure of Contempt – 2

Here is Jade.   A repulsive person who tries to get under the skin of others to prove she exists.  

Jade will perform pointless actions which are designed to annoy others.   These actions grant her no benefit.  save, perhaps, annoying others.  In many cases people do  ‘blow up’ because what she does is so remarkably annoying and antagonistic.

This is the pleasure for Jade.  She has shown ‘power’  by making others uncomfortable, by getting them to react.  For example, she will deliberately  put things in the path one has to walk.  She does it not just hoping one will fall, but that there will be a response,  someone will shout at her, someone will react to her actions.

Her ears long to hear  angry barks for it gives her pleasure for it proves she exists.

But if one sees Jade for what she is,  and couldn’t care less,  so do not respond,  or pretend this is normal, she fails.

She fails, you win.


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Written by jaylar

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