The Owned Man – Calvin (1)

Calvin was a big strong man who had missed opportunities.  

Didn’t get into college, didn’t stay in the military, so wound up  filling menial positions.  Although his intellect could have led him into a profession he never had the money or commitment to go beyond High School.

Now he was a Chauffer hired by an Embassy.  He became  Gert’s chauffeur.

It would be hard to find a more unattractive woman, from face to toe, but her internal ugliness went to the bone.

Gert had no delusions.  

No one had wanted her;  her personality was on par with a slave owner.

 She knew Calvin would only ‘love’ her for what she could give him.  She knew he preferred the company of his wide range of friends to hers.

But his friends didn’t have money.


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Written by jaylar

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