The Laws of Physics – 5

When Prohibition (banning of all alcoholic beverages in the United States)  was in force, those who ran ‘speakeasies’ made trailer loads of money.   

People went to drink because it was illegal.  

When any adult could drink, when drinks were served every where, and there are bars nearly on every corner, drinking liquor no longer had the romance it once did.

Marijuana was illegal and so millions of dollars was made from the drug trade.  Now that it has been legalised in many jurisdictions, teenagers who would have tried a ‘spliff’ before they were 18 now aren’t interested.

The excitement and danger is gone.

This reality has always existed.  

When something is ‘forbidden’ it becomes a magnet.  When it is a shrug, then only those who really want it will buy it.

Society keeps making the same error of banning things which only acts as advertising.


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