The Ancient Maya Civilization Currency was ‘Chocolate Coins’

Chocolate was used as a transaction for Maya civilization. Washington University, David Friedle, working on Maya civilization, said in his new research that in Maya civilization chocolate was used to be currency of that time. David Friedle is most senior researcher researching on maya civilization and his grip over Maya civilization is far higher than any person. David Friedle has proved based study and experience to be consistent with his observation that chocolate was used as a currency.

The archaeologist Joene Baron also says that the people of Maya civilization used  chocolate for sale and purchase in their lifetime, and also Chocolate was used as a liquor in Maya civilization in the seventh century AD, as far as an ancient discovery can be seen in ancient times in below picture.

Meanwhile, the discovery of chocolate-made dice attracted the archaeologists. Expert archaeologist Baron says, that study also has proved, the king of Maya civilization used to receive women ‘s clothes and chocolate coins for various taxes.

Apart from this, the merchants and the businessmen used to offer chocolate coin gifts as a memorandum as a tax to King of Maya Civilization.It shows that chocolate coins were used as currency from 691 to 900 AD.

Maya civilization is the ancient mesu American civilization, which was present in a large area of Central America, including the present Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala. It is estimated that the civilization started from 7000 BC, 900 EC and it was very famous of that time. The specificity of this civilization was to getting the ability to read and write also for calculating the use of zero apart from numbers for calculations. But Spanish invaders merged this civilization, and even today many of its archaeological sites are present in different parts of the United States.


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