Streets of León

I have not traveled much, I have traveled very little, but what little I have traveled I have enjoyed a lot.

I have already told you briefly about my first and only visit to Spain and appointment with Antoni Gaudí. But I’m not satisfied, I want to tell a little more because I have other photos and impressions to share.

I want to tell you about the city where I stayed longer since that is where the sister who stayed at your home lives: León is the capital of the province of León and is a city located northwest of Spain next to the Bernesga River.

But I do not want to talk about its historical origin or its geography, but about the admiration I felt for its well-kept cobbled streets, its stone walls, its architectural monuments and art.

It gives pleasure and satisfaction to walk through those beautiful old streets without the excessive presence of vehicular traffic and smoke.

I liked the order that is perceived, the care because everything is neat and beautiful, how careful are the avenues and buildings (of course not everything is so perfect).

I like stone constructions because they look so strong, so solid and at the same time so beautiful.

You can see beauty in the rustic and ordinary, in what seems common and everyday use.

In my childhood and early years of my youth I lived in a house with mud walls and a dirt floor that I had to moisten to sweep; If they had been made of stones, I would not have raised dust.


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