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Some Lies are Not Liveable – 3

The different last names between Jason and his Mom was as significant as the different first names.

It hadn’t meant anything to me at the time.  

 It was only later when I thought back when I understood what Jason’s mom had told mine that I realised that was not the truth.  

That was the official story.

The truth was that Jason’s mom had never been married.  

When she came to town, Jason was a baby.  She told people that she had married a man whose last name was  Lambeth and he had abandoned them so she divorced him.  

She ‘reverted’ to her maiden name of O’Hare, which is why she and her son had different last names.

No body thought anything of it.

Some of us asked  what ‘divorce’ was and worried if our parents would do it, but it wasn’t a centrepiece.


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