Selling Your Brother

I read that Africans sold other Africans into slavery.

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I read that Slaves helped track down escaped slaves

I read that there were slaves who supported the Confederacy.

I suppose, the knee jerk is to disbelieve.

Then you see Black men support Donald Trump.   Not remain silent.  Not turn the topic, but spend hours on Facebook making post after post, virtually worshiping Donald Trump.

At first one thinks, ‘oh, he’s being sarcastic…’

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But as time passes one realises that this is person who would have sold other Africans into slavery.  Who would have been a slave helping to capture escaped slaves.

Who would have fought on the side of the Confederacy.

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Marcus Garvey once observed that in the Black race the traitors were at the top.  Yes, that is probably true, but they are also in the middle and on the bottom.


What do you think?


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  1. It’s terrible what a person can do to another man just because of his faith or skin color ..I can be proud of my Serbian people who have never had slaves in their history and has never divided people by coloring the skin.

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