Scamming the Scammer – 7

Priya found a place to go, and moved out without warning.  She told no one.  Early morning a station wagon arrived, she loaded her stuff and was gone in minutes.  She left the keys on the veranda.

Joan only knew Priya was gone when she woke from her stupor and saw the door open.  Priya never left her door open. 

Joan entered, saw it was vacant, laughed and clapped her hands,  and moved her bedroom from the back to the front.

Joan said nothing to anyone.  

Theresa didn’t realise her tenant had gone until Priya’s rent was due.  

When Priya didn’t walk to her side of the house and present the rent, Theresa same to her’s.

“You trying to rip me like Joan?”  Theresa screamed at the windows.  She kept screaming until Joan, spliff dangling from her lips said, in a low calm voice;  

“Priya left last week.”

Theresa began howling about ‘Why didn’t she tell me!”   And Joan, laughing,  moved back into the house.

When the electricity and water bill arrived, Joan paid 1/3rd.   Joan had to be cautious in not allowing the arrears to grow beyond a particular point, for then the services would be cut off.

Theresa wanted to rent out the room Priya had occupied, but Joan had moved in her junk in there. So Theresa could rent the backroom.

Theresa set about finding a tenant for the back bedroom.   For some reason Theresa thought she ran an ‘Air B&B’

When the potentil tenant arrived and saw all of Joan’s junk in the living room, he didn’t bother to check further. He ran away.

Joan expected.  She was actually surprised Priya had lasted so long.  Usually a month, two, is the longest anyone ever lived with Joan when she was in scam mode.


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Written by jaylar

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