Running – Prince – 3

Prince couldn’t count the money.  The house was small and his Grandmother got up a dozen times a night.

What he could do is take the money out of the knapsack it was in and put it into another bag he often carried.

Once he did that, he used it for a pillow, and went to the cot he slept on.  His sleep was broken, and by five a.m. he decided to get out and catch a bus to town.

He had an old uncle that lived in Rockfort in East Kingston.  For Prince, that man was the closest thing to a parent he ever had.

The old man had done a number of jobs in his life, and had sense.

Prince boarded the first bus to Kingston and sat in the back.   When the bus passed the Cement Company he made his way to the front, and got off just before the gas station.

With the bag over his shoulder he made his way up the road, reaching the yard where his Uncle Roy lived.

Prince realised that today, right now, he could have a future.


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Written by jaylar

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