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Desert Rose, the most famous souvenir of the Sahara. Desert Rose blooming represents the crystallized form of sand, salt, quartz, gypsum and barite, like a rose, precipitated millennia in the caves and caverns deep below the sea level and the great salt lake, now completely drained. Desert roses can occur in many desert, and can be formed when water evaporates in arid sandy conditions, mainly after short and rare rains. During its growth, the grains of sand remain trapped in plaster giving roses the color of desert sand where roses grew. The most commonly seen on the edges of the Sahara. Sometimes grow individually and sometimes in the beautiful white bunches that are often seen in the deserts of Mexico. Average dimensions Desert roses are commonly range from 1.5 to 10 cm. The highest measured Desert Rose had a diameter of 43 cm and weighed 57 kg.


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