Queen Natalija VI

A similar allusion hinted contemporary Natalie S. Jovanović wrote that the queen “had the courage and pride is not an ordinary woman, but one of the Amazon.” Natalija was certainly a dangerous player. Consciously decades to build their political image. Exemplary ruler, a great patriot, humanitarian, and even courageous heroine of the war years – the people adored her, a Belgrade nobility courted her. About this testify and foreign writers.

Suppose, Angelo de Gubernatis, “She’s beautiful, darling, it’s like a fairy Serbian nation and Serbian good spirit of the place (…) its commitment to the country is going to heroism. The people worshiped. ” But she herself did not save words to support his popularity, “Milan did not love their country and did not understood.

For me it was the opposite and that’s why I was the favorite, which is irritated Milan, who could not understand why he does not love for his beautiful eyes. “However, like its large capacity contemporaries only knew how to describe as” masculine traits “so are its actions are often hampered by all sorts of superstitions and convictions,”

Col. Vladan Djordjevic Belgrade mobilized all the doctors in the city left only four men, two of whom had long since abandoned the practice. Even though he knew what the situation was sent to Belgrade in 1500 wounded, but here nothing was ready to accept them (…) I asked for this appointment to be misled some order in the administration because everyone lost their head or are accustomed to listen only to me , and I was, in fact, the only other fear imposed (…) only when everything is organized and when wounded, is not lacking anything, officials have appeared with the regulations and a statement that Mrs. hospitals trample their rights. “In political purposes and used a mode.Queen becomes fashionable ideal, chic lady trendsetter like the French salon, in whose spirit is brought up. An example to all women, she has become something like the iconic . However, it is often accused of whimsicality, greed on luxury and extravagance.


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