Queen Natalija IV

Grapple king and queen about his son was lengthy and exalted public has exhausted all the dirt. It must be admitted that Natalija still had more tact, and that King Milan was unscrupulous. In his letters to him and Nataliya switches: “As a member of a particular world, especially as the king, you have no right to misunderstandings in your family edit out in public. Dignity implies concealment, not advertising on every mouth hatred of his own wife, which is not prohibited. “When his parents divorced Alexander had only twelve g but already crowned with thirteen years old in 1889 when Milan finally someone foisted power and Natalya are hastily returned to Serbia. Of course, Alexander had a turbulent upbringing.

Natalya was the VAMT and Tamta: few in Serbia, but in custody in the house of their ladies Stane Bučovice, a little in France. Plagued by his son, the pain was paid only when her whim. When Alexander began to extend his stay with the mother on the farm in France Sasin vain Natalija sensed that it was sordid and dismissed. Especially because one of my companions, who took her place in her son’s heart. King Alexander married Draga Masin 1900.


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