Queen Natalija I

Queen Natalija was born in Florence as Natalya Petrovna Keško. Russian-Moldovan origin, childhood is spent tucked in “wining and dining”  European nobility. Children’s balls, gentle parental attention, acting in family performances and passionate patriotism marked its first year. I remember that my mother many received, Pri the evenings, at night to keep me clothed, always in a white dress with ribbons in color, and took me to the salon where Dad proudly represented his oldest daughter, Dondon, which has already promised that there will be ugly.

However, the early death of my father, a mother soon, they made quick of sixteen Natalia bachelorette. As the dark-haired Moldovan threatened to become a beauty easily hooked a good chance – his distant cousin the Duke of Milan. My fiance wrote me a very delicate letters and mail me the first time someone spoke of love, this sentence, in fact quite empty, I looked enchanting. It must be acknowledged, because queens Natalia memoirs reflect its character ! It is noteworthy that were written four years after the divorce of King Milan (1888), and ends its trip from Serbia.

Obviously, were written to determine Natalia as a Serbian queen, you must give a special, spicy tone of its sentences; sometimes the real Spitfire, which emphasizes its side of the story, and sometimes great righteous that illuminates suppressed historical misconceptions: “I was beginning to get to know Milan’s grave nature and to fear his vulgarity, and I avoided as much as I could possible conflicts. It was a mistake against him because at that time was still very in love with me and that I used to listen to me, maybe it would be different. But, like all proud people who love felt irresistible need to obey and I never tried to dominate her husband. “

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