Propaganda – 2

The reason most people don’t see through the propaganda is how it is crafted.

Take a site like Facebook.  

 It has sold itself as a happy unbiased sort of Liberal place where people from Canada to Cameroon to China to Chile can post and share and be part of a family.

In reality, it is a right wing site that promotes racism and any check of past mass murders will find that the killer had a page in which he virtually spelled out what he intended to do.

These pages stay up until the media, covering the murders, be they in New Zealand or Wisconsin, announces that the killer has a Facebook page in which he posted his ‘manifesto’  or photographs of guns or his target, etc.

When he public learns of the page, that is when Facebook takes it down.  Not before.

You can give all the excuses you like as to why this page of hate was up so long.  

However, if you want to be blocked, simply post that Trump and/or his supporters are ‘stupid’  and the Admin will swoop down on you and lock you out for three days.

So how is it that people can post anti-Islamic hate for days/weeks and not be blocked, nor taken down?   How is it racists can spew their hate, month after month, and nothing happens.

Yet, post that Trump is Stupid, and your account is instantly blocked!


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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