Propaganda – 1


Many countries invest in propaganda.  This is a deliberate attempt to promote a political or social agenda.  Those who develop the ‘information’ know exactly what they are doing and why.

They may want people to believe that today is better than yesterday or that this country is more advanced than that one, or hide disasters behind pretty stories.

Many nations conspire to put forward a false image for profit.  They may wish to earn money so will reopen a factory when it is not safe to do so, and make it seem that everything is fine.  

When things go as logically expected, there are many pre fabricated excuses which are used to mask the truth;  that is;   that those ‘in charge’  knew, for a fact, it was dangerous, but wanted  money.

There are nations which want to ‘sell themselves’ as highly educated and aware, as if they are the A+ student.   Many of these nations are actually C-.

To hide the truth they push an agenda as if they know what they are doing hoping to fool those with smaller egos into believing them.

This works for a time, of course, until the public realise this ‘super power’ has less a clue than they do.

Of course, one never tells the propagandist they see through the tricks.


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