Prison of Mind – 3(c)

As Ann always aligns with the loser, she destroyed her life.    

If Mary, who was her ‘friend’  is being slandered by Tereca, who Ann doesn’t know, she will turn against Mary. Mary will withdraw her friendship, and when Tereca excoriates Mary, she will be alone.

Ann will be isolated because she can’t be trusted.  She is disloyal.  No one wants a disloyal friend.

If Tereca was a decent person, if she was well loved with a family and friends it would be a shrug.  But Tereca is despised, has no family or friends, no one who wants to be connected to her.

This is why Ann sees herself in Tereca.  This is why Ann becomes as despised and isolated.

All Ann had to do was not adopt Tereca’s views.   Not excoriate Mary. Then Mary would have remained her friend.

But locked into the prison of her mind, she can not.


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Written by jaylar

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