Prison of Mind – 3 (a)

Ann was the text book unwanted child.   Shunted from one relative  to another she developed self hatred.  No one wanted her because…..

she covers this  deep self loathing with a plaster of perfection  she tries to portray.  

A short, tubby girl, plain, she acts as if she believes she is beautiful.  

Clumsy, she dances before a mirror as if a prima ballerina.  She sings loudly,  as if her voice isn’t falling flat and cracking.

The fantasy of the beautiful, talented Ann is a thin easily chipped plaster.

Within her cringes the real Ann,  the one who gives reason why she was and is unwanted.

The real Ann manifests, most often  when exposed to someone like herself, an unwanted repulsive creature.


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Written by jaylar

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