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Suppose one sets a meeting on a particular day in a particular place which has significance to persons one wishes to scorn.

The objection to that date or venue is expected,  it is expected before the meeting is even announced.  But the day or place was selected to send a ‘Cue’ to a  specific segment of the public one wishes to please.

If you have never been behind Closed Doors you have no idea of the ‘Cue’.

You would not know that the day or place was selected to show ‘solidarity’ with a particular group and that the objection will have the date/place changed but the ‘message’ has been sent.

Those Behind Closed Doors assume the majority does  not know the significance of the place or date.  Those who do know realise it is a ‘cue’.    The majority, which doesn’t appreciate the place or date will think it was an oversight or error.

‘Cues’ are often not grasped by the general population, making it a kind of ‘inhouse secret message.’

For example ‘Juneteenth’  has a symbolism to the Black Community.   To set a rally for white supremacists on that day, considering the current racial climate is virtually shouting;  ‘BLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER!!’

To set it in Tulsa, the venue for the worst massacre of Black people by Whites in 1921 is confirming, beyond doubt, exactly where Trump stands.

It is like urinating on a grave.


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