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previous article I used an easy to grasp analogy of a web site to explain serious political issues.

For example;  a person sets up a webpage and buys a year on a site.  The site is professional looking.  People join, participate, have the site earn money via advertisements.

The Owners sit back, do nothing except scoop their 50% from the users earnings. This goes on until the second to last month of their ‘lease’ of the site.  Then the owners pay no one, take the money, for that penultimate and then ultimate month,  and due to non-payment of the ‘lease’  the site closes.

In ancient times the Owners would find a shill and actually pay him/her to promote the site. Today, Owners will be stunned to find some Clown touting the site.   S/he gets nothing.   Not one cent more than any user.   Yet, Clownie continues to tout the site, for free.

New Users think Clowned has power or connection, and communicate  with him/her in the belief they are an Owner/Admin or have a direct line to those persons..

When the site closes they can blame the Clown.

As those who read this are familiar with the paradigm,   it can easily be used in Real Life.    

In RL many politicians let nobodies run around and push what they nobodies assume is their cause.  The nobodies get nothing.   They don’t know what the truth is, but say what they think it is.  Often a nobody hits upon  what others want to hear.

The public, thinking Nobody speaks for the politician give their support, opinions, ideas in the belief that Nobody can relay them to the politician.

In truth, what Nobody says or doesn’t say, supports or doesn’t support, claims or doesn’t claim is worthless.

Politicians will do what they want.


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