Pour Some Sugar

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The first quote translates to:  “I didn’t expect you, but I was yearning to meet you.”  Andres Barroso

Sometimes we don’t know what we want until we see it. We have nothing to compare it to. A surprise is a surprise only because it differs so much from the well traveled past.

Until we stare at it in the face; until we see how different it truly is, we don’t really know what we need.

What we need is there. It is hidden. Whether we need to change careers, or change partners, we will find the difference when it finds us.

The second quote translates to: “The best person for you is the one that, having the freedom to do what they please, chooses you at every moment.”

The right person will be the best person, not the worst. The right person will be different from all the wrong people of your past. They will mark a difference in your life. You will see all that they give, and understand all the things that the others lacked.

It will be as if all of a sudden, someone came to pour some sugar on your life. They will brake the bubble of your painful past, and everything will change forever–from your head to  your feet.


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Written by Maria Ayala

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