Plastic Ruby – 3

Amelia accepted the date with Joe but applied the same nine p.m restriction. This meant they went to the early show.  

He bought her pop corn which she held in her left hand.  As he sat to her left he put his right arm over her shoulder.  She tensed a bit, excused herself to use the bathroom.

He wondered about it, but focused on the movie, so that when she returned he didn’t try to be romantic.

They stopped for ice cream when they came from the theatre, then he took her home.  It was the  same thank you and springing out, so there was no kissing, hand holding.

He wondered why he was wasting his time. There was another three week hiatus.   Then, seeing her looking especially attractive at the office, took her to lunch.  It was there, in the bright room he asked;  

“Do you find me unattractive?”    

“Why do you ask that?”

“Because you behave as if I am repellent.”

“Oh, don’t say that.”

“You acted as if I was radioactive when I put my arm around you at the movies.”

“That is because I want to get to know you as a person first,”  she replied.


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Written by jaylar

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