Picking a Victim – 5

Abusers need that singular person.  That person who can be dependent on them;  not only financially but for companionship, advice, everything.  For that is the Abuser’s dream;  to ‘own’ another.

The person with ‘no one’  the person with ‘no way out’ the person who ‘needs’ them is their Victim.

Abusers use the Victim’s singularity against them.  They use the Victim’s needs against them.

They learn what the Victim wants and deny or gift it.   They learn what upsets the Victim and use it.

Successful Abusers virtually research their potential victim.  They may play the friend to get the secrets, they may play the benefactor to get their loyalty.

It is is all fraud.

The Abuser can not love, respect or share.   S/he is selfish, only thinking of the benefit they can receive.   They have their plans and do not deviate. 


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Written by jaylar

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