People Who Can't Do Better – 57

People Who Can’t Do Better often have dodgy upbringings.   Their parents may appear to be successful business people but are hard core scammers.

As Children they heard their parents lie and demand that they lie.  They will see how the truth is skewered by their parents.

They will try to maintain the lies and deceptions.

Those who mature and recognise that their father wasn’t a banker but a scammer, their mother was his second, and everything they had, from the house to their shoes was obtained by fraud, can distance themselves.

Those who can’t escape that cocoon of deception become People Who Can’t Do Better.   People who are only concerned with themselves as if they are the only people on Earth.

They have been lying since they could speak, tricking people since they could read,  and never for a moment consider the comfort of another person.


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Written by jaylar

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