People Who Can't Do Better – 40

People who Can’t Do Better must never be trusted, believed, listened to, or receive more than polite contempt.  

They will turn on you in a second. They will do everything to annoy you to prove they exist.

They want attention and when you don’t give it to them will strive to do something to provoke you in one way or another.

They will talk loud on a phone in your presence to make you think they are ‘important’.   If you don’t give them deference they are angry. In their minds their fantasy self is real

They babble as if they have money and you stifle laughter because you know they have nothing.

You can’t hate them or be angry because they are pathetic.  So you adopt Polite contempt.

Polite Contempt is saying nothing but viewing them as an unflushed toilet.

They lack the ability to ‘read’  the attitude or mood of other people.  They do not pick up you don’t believe a word they say.   This is where that flat face, slight smile and pretence of listening reaps benefits.


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Written by jaylar

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