People Who Can't Do Better – 39

Often,  when you practice ‘social distancing’  the person who Can’t Do Better will appear with a gift, or a lunch or some blob of affection that comes out of nowhere.

You will be totally taken aback when they arrive with a Covid mask or a cake or tickets to something you want to see as if it is perfectly normal.

This is how these people get into your life, stay in your life, and keep you off balance.

On one hand this is a horrible person whose blocked the corridors or ignored you, on the other, they are driving you to the supermarket.

This is how persons who Can’t Do Better survive.  They maintain whatever transient relationships they can form with others, with  sudden ‘kindness’.

This sudden kindness disappears quickly, but if you aren’t careful a chink is made in your armour.  

In this way, the person who Can’t Do Better will be able to distress you when you least expect it.


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Written by jaylar

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