No Surprise

There are times I prefer to be wrong.  

Those are the times the fact I am right is over proven.

America has always had the best propaganda in the world.  From the beginning with  ‘All Men are Created Equal’ , followed ‘Land of the Free’ when half the population were enslaved was the ‘tell’.  

It was as if the Founding Fathers could obliterate reality with a few words.  

This practice has continued.  

We all recall Trump claiming to have ‘three times more’ attendees to his Inauguration when photographs prove he had less than one third than Obama.  We all heard his mouthpiece at the time, using the term ‘alternate facts’ clueing those of us who still had a completely operational brain that the “1984” paradigm was going into effect.

This was followed by declaring the BBC and CNN to be ‘fake news’  and the clown show of Fox News to be his bailiwick.

Aware he would lose in 2020 he started his  ‘stop the steal’ long before the election, and we all heard him pressuring an official to find more votes for him.

That his Party would not merely accept his lies, but embrace them, reveals the corruption of the Republican Party.  That they would run the lowest level of creature for office, people without morality, decency, even patriotism, may have surprised those unaware of the truth of America, but was more than expected by those who knew what America really was.

America has been run by the rich from start.  Originally rich slave owners,  when slavery  officially abolished, by millionaires who exploit their workers, and engage in every form of corruption possible.  And get away with it.

The question some have is if the Republicans, who have exposed themselves as racist, mysoganist, money grubbing sociopaths, will win the midterm election.

Those who know how corrupt America is, will not be surprised.  Those who still believe in the propaganda, who actually think that nation is a ‘democracy’ will find themselves the tiniest minority.

For Trump is not an abberation.  He is an average American; money worshipping, immoral white man, who believes in his entitlement, as do his followers.

I have often stated that America is no democracy.  It is a racist jungle where the citizens pray to money.   A country in which average people are under educated, exploited, but too stupid to realize it.

I am, as usual, proven right.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


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  1. Happily I exclaim I was wrong. Not all Americans are Trumpanzees… and all that needs to happen is for De Santos to run against Trump for the Repub. nomination. Trump should lose and go one in his horrible way to slander De Santos so the Dems can win.


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