Neurotic – 6

Speaking to Pam, Dee said;  

“So you believe the reason that Teresa or Ann Marie are so… repulsive… is due to the fact they never married or had children?  Doesn’t that sound somewhat… ohh.. sexist to you?”

“Put it this way, a man can marry at any age.  He can father children as long as he is sexually functional.   A man who is not sexually functional who has either never had sex or when able, did not father a child, would be in a similar space as Teresa and Ann Marie.”

Cindy lit a rare cigarette;  

“You know the function of sexuality is something one can not discard.   A Nun or a a Priest may decide to be celibate, but it is their choice.  And if they regret the choice, they break their vows.   Neither Teresa nor Ann Marie decided not to marry, not to have children.”

“Although I can partially agree with the points,”  Lisa said, “My view is that the kind of women Teresa and Ann Marie are, were ‘damaged’ before puberty or shortly after.   Their obnoxious traits were always there, which is why no one wanted to commit to them.”


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