My Picks For Cool Tweets About Tunisia

Several years back Tunisia was HOT!  By that I mean this country was all over “our” news.  The citizens were being credited with starting the Arab Spring!

The Arab Spring is the name given to a movement (probably by people who are not Arab) which described anti-government/pro-democracy protests taking place in Muslim nations.  Tunisia was not the only country but evidently they were the first … TO SUCCEED in regime change.  At least, that’s what we hoped and hope.  When I say “we”, I mean “US”, the United States of America.  PRO-Democracy movements are always on our wish list.  That’s why the protests in Tunisia received so much attention from the American news media.  Of course, all the brew ha ha and jubilation doesn’t last forever.

I am revisiting Tunisia by way of Twitter to see what’s been going on.  What do you know?  Tunisia has a problem with the gender pay gap too!  Must be a “peculiarity” in countries with governments that like to boast about the equality and equal treatment of its citizens, but don’t really practice what they preach!  (#IMHO)

There were quite a few interesting tweets.  I tried to narrow it down to a representative sampling.  Some of the “new news” is promising.  Some of it is troubling.  They’re still struggling.  But is there any country in this world that doesn’t have its share of problems?



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