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More Than One Kind of Closet – Margaret – 2

Years ago, long before ‘political correctness’ was in vogue, Margaret’s prejudices were obvious. Now, no.

Margaret  may smile and be polite.  She may act as bland as a noodle. But Margaret  wants nothing whatsoever to do anyone who is not her race, religion or ethnicity.

She’s learned, from the penalties inflicted on others  who admitted what they felt,  not to speak. Not to use certain words.  In fact,  she avoids all possible  interaction and awareness.

She doesn’t justify,  debate.   She’s seen what has happened to other people who revealed their feelings, their honest opinions.  So Margaret has no opinions.  She does nothing,  save from behind the curtain she votes for white supremacists and supports those groups.  But as she keeps it quiet, no knows she is racist.

AS she is quiet and calm, no one knows how she really feels.   People assume Margaret is a decent unbiased person.  But Margaret is as racist as they come, but stays in the closet.

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Written by Tall Awah

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