More Than A Woman

Photo courtesy of Part Angel, Part Diva, and All Woman The Official Group

This quote is key for controlling your emotions. Once you control your thoughts, you can control your reaction to them. Once you control your response to your environment, you have mastered yourself. You can change your life this way.  If you don’t, you become a marionette, controllable by external circumstances.  If you wish to be a magician in your life, you must master the energy that you carry around with you.

Not everyone deserves your energy, like this quote states, not everyone deserves you, at all.  Not everyone deserves a reaction from you, when they know they are pressing your buttons.  Don’t give them the satisfaction.  Don’t be less of a man, don’t be a mess of a man, be more than a man or be more than a woman!!


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Written by Maria Ayala