Mileva Maric Einstein

Mileva Maric Einstein, the scientist for whom it can be said that the Serbian Marija Kiri, but was a mathematician, left us on this day 70 years ago. One of the first women in the region that their knowledge and talent selection for the right to higher education. She was born in Titel, and before she added the name ‘Einstein lived in several towns in Vojvodina.

He spent his childhood in Rumi. Her family home in this town in the meantime has become a tire-repair shop, was completely ruined and threatened to collapse. The only sign that it used to be visited is the famous scientist on board that says that Mileva’s family lived from 1877 to 1892. She was educated in Sremska Mitrovica, Novi Sad and Zurich where he met Einstein, with whom he studied together. For decades, the water controversy about who really stands behind its findings and whether it was just his first wife Mileva was “a genius in the shadows.” The house in the photo in his time he was considered one of the most beautiful in Novi Sad. The panoramic rides castle tour guides only note that it sometimes stayed a couple Einstein

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