Matching Pieces – 3

When boys asked Rose out it depended on where and what.  She had no interest in ‘Hanging Out’ and wasn’t much into parties.  

 If it was a football match, yes.   If it was a first rate movie or show she was going to anyway, fine.

But to go out with someone she barely knew, no.   To go out with someone who bored or annoyed her … no.  This meant that most of her dates were one offs for the guy who seemed so clever in class or on the phone couldn’t maintain a personality for a whole hour.

If the boy wasn’t interesting she didn’t see why she should be with him.  If he was a complainer,  she was gone.   If he wanted sex, she was gone.

There might be some culture out there which dictated who and when and how and what, but she didn’t ascribe to it.

Rose wasn’t into complications.  


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Written by jaylar

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