Matching Pieces – 2

When Rose entered High School, she wasn’t interested in hair styles or make up or fashion.  She didn’t need a crowd to confirm her existence or support her ideas.

She wore her straight  hair short because it was easier to comb.  

It was only when she was in the school play and had to be dressed in costume, wear a wig and makeup that Ginny exclaimed;  

“You are beautiful!”

Rose never thought she was beautiful.  She was just Rose.  However, she did begin to wear some mascara and eye liner and  lipstick because it was kind of fun to ‘dress up’.

What was so unusual about Rose is that if she wanted to go to a movie, she went.  She didn’t call others to escort her.  

If she wanted to see a show or go to a match, she went.  

Often, her friends would be talking about some outing, and she would join them at the venue.  It was not because they decided to go and she went along, but because she was going anyway and it was fun to go with others.


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Written by jaylar

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