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No one is perfect. If they say they are, they are merely being egotistical. It is up to you to decide whether they had a momentary lapse, or if this individual has a set pattern of being a narcissist. True virtue is derived from patience.

When people are trying, we need to acknowledge that. A good teacher knows this. Does your boss know this? Do your co-workers know this? If you are not working in a positive environment, you have come to a crossroads.

You must decide whether to keep the hope, or if you now see them for who they really are. A positive work environment should be your immediate goal. Full filling your life purpose will be a long term goal for all of  us. Each step is progress.

Getting laid off can be progress in disguise. This will give you the time, the opportunity to realize what it is you truly want. Sometimes, you stop making goals for yourself, because you think that having bought that house is enough. When you get home from work, and realize you are still not happy, you know that something needs to change.

If all of a sudden, living in that neighborhood, or buying that house feel empty, it isn’t because you didn’t do any shopping. We cannot live on food alone. We do not work just to pay the bills until we die.

No one is perfect. Some people wear their issues. Other people keep their issues well hidden, until someone gets close enough to them, that suddenly, their issues come out of the shadows. This is OK. Why?  Because no one is perfect.

Loosing 4lbs. a month, may not seem like much, but after 6 months, that becomes 24 lbs. That’s a lot of progress. Fitting into a smaller size now, than you were able to, last Halloween, means a tangible progress. You will live this progress everyday, even if others choose not to acknowledge it; even if others choose their envy of you over validation.


What do you think?

Written by Maria Ayala


  1. Yes. It’s sort of like the children’s book about the hen who was baking bread. No one wanted to help out. Then when the bread was done, everyone wanted their slice. That’s not how it works!!

    • You can’t expect to reap the benefits of someone’s work if you did not help that person out in any form, especially if the only thing you did was show lack of support, by making negative comments, or by purposefully and maliciously sabotaging them.