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I am a tree huger.  When I was 10 years old, I hugged a tree for the very first time.  I wasn’t lost, or scared, I just hugged a a tree to know what it felt like.  I am quite literally a tree huger.  I guess it was meant to be.  I have always felt a connection to them, and even have visions of them as I fall asleep.

Each one of them is magical and a whole forest of them, just makes for a great land where unicorns might have existed at some point.  I believe anything is possible in a forest.  All you have to do is walk in, and feel their energy.

Maybe trees symbolize men.  Maybe they symbolize the divine.  Maybe they represent both, if you know how to feel your way around the energy.  I believe we should save as many trees as possible.

That’s why planting and growing hemp, simply becomes intelligent and sustainable.  If we don’t find alternative plants, we will end up depleting the planet of trees.  We need trees.  We need the oxygen they provide us.  We need the shelter they provide for birds, and other animals.  We simply cannot exist without them.  They are not luxuries.

I guess now that I have encountered these new feelings I have for men now, trees mean much more to me.  They hide such great mysteries.  You only need to be present in their energy.


What do you think?


Written by Maria Ayala

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