Living With a Brat – 25

Brad and I drove to Daniel’s flat the next day.  They had never met.  But then, Daniel had been out of my life for over eight years, Brad and I married nearly two years ago.   The only link between Daniel and I was our daughter Gabi.

Gabi, who had snuck out of the flat and come here to her father, who had just remarried.

There were polite introductions of Brad and Daniel.    Gabi was her sour self.   Daniel was a sad Teddy Bear and his new wife wasn’t there.  I found this rather odd, but said nothing about it.

Gabi stalked off to the room she occupied passing remarks, so the  three of us, Brad, Daniel and I sat in the living room.  Daniel cautiously asked if anything had happened to predicate Gabi’s arrival at his door, and we drew blanks.

Daniel seemed to feel that ‘something’ had happened.  Outside of his recent marriage there was no event in the past week.

Daniel went to check on Gabi and Brad and I had  a short discussion.  When Daniel returned we told him Gabi could stay the week and then we would figure out what came next.

Daniel agreed with this.

On the way home I told Brad;  

“As soon as Daniel’s wife sees Gabi, experiences Gabi, she’ll be gone.”

Before Brad and I married he had said;  

“Gabi is your daughter.  If she wants me as her father, she will make the first move.”

Gabi never made that move.   And I doubt she ever would.

I didn’t know at the time that my opinion in relation to Daniel’s new wife and Gabi had already occurred.


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