Living on the Holodeck – 2

The Spanish have their islands, the French theirs, the English theirs, even the Dutch have their islands.

Before Independence, and even after,  persons who lived in the ‘motherland’ would come to the islands and live their fantasy.  For some reason, reality ends on landing for the visitor.

In their  home countries ‘everything mattered’.   But on the island they would ‘get away from it all, primarily, reality.

In real life, how you act, dress, speak, what you do, or don’t do, matters. On the islands,  nothing matters. One can act as they choose, say what they want, dress anyway, behave in manners they would never dare at ‘home’.

In many cases, especially when one travels alone or with a trusted friend, what happens on the islands is to stay on the island.  Is to tumble into fiction and parts that never happened..  

Like a Holodeck program.


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