Jovan Sterija Popović (Vrsac, 1806 – Vrsac, 1856)

Jovan Sterija Popović (Vrsac, 1806 – Vrsac, 1856) – founder of the Serbian

drama As the Minister of Education (1842-1848) did much for the development of organized education. In 1844 passed a school law was first legalized in Serbia gymnastics as a school subject from I to VI grade, but still optional for students. Particularly significant is his effort to the study and preservation of the cultural heritage of Serbia. He suggested the soviets to adopt the Regulation on the Protection of Antiquities, and the Serbian Sterija merit brought the first legal document on protection of cultural monuments.

His left arm was otherwise  – paralyzed due to a stroke in early childhood. When his mother died suddenly, Sterija had to endure a great fight with my father about further education.

Since 1848, the conflict with the politicians, especially Toma Vucic Perisic, was expelled from Serbia and lived in Vrsac, lonely and disappointed.


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