Joseph Boys I

The need for change and changing Boys felt as a boy, rather, as he says, “I felt that something in this world must be changed completely.” However, the age of five he felt the need to disappear from the face of the earth (usually five year olds have some little … more prosaic needs, but do not forget who he was talking here!). Well, obviously that changed, and a small Jozef has not disappeared from the face of the earth, even then, not a day-to-day. Boyce was convinced that only art can change your life. And for him, life was a work of art. He attended a significant number of events organized by the international group of artists Fluxus, which was lost between the others belonged and Yoko Ono. Fluxus advocated radical erasing boundaries in art, displacing “creative practice” of institutions daily. Boys on the other hand, as a true rebel, in a sense was entered and more creative practices in the institutions of the required quantity. Remember that we are returning to educational institutions and not-long-duration of the leave for later? E, later happening right now: 1961 Boys gets a professor of sculpture and began his teaching work at the same academy which was completed ten years earlier. Because of their understanding that anyone can be an artistic terms that anyone can be an artist and that everyone, after all, and is the artist, Beuys himself instead of pensions (which would be like every honest German citizen consumed on the Danube cruise) got fired. Specifically, he pursued his principles to work: he called for those who were rejected by the Academy to access training in its class. How does it quite lunch with the policy of the Academy … love employer and employee soon withered. Boys was a true uomo universale of his time: the art itself is not limited, dealt with drawing, sculpture, installations and slightly more important than others – performance. Perhaps the performance impact on Beuys and helped him in dealing with politicians, and maybe it was the other way around, but in both cases bojsi political commitment was conspicuous and associated with his work – he participated in the establishment of several political parties, of which the most significant foundation of Greens , a party that is still active in Germany. His poem (click to see Beuys rockers – Not indi, not much more listenable, but it’s cute) “The sun instead of Reagan” (original title – Sonne statt Raegan; in German rain regen, so that there was little word game in question) unequivocally critical of the US President, and the use of nuclear weapons and the war in general. It’s a bit tricky words to sing the song of people who volunteered in World War II, but let us remember – a life-changing art. One of the most famous performances was Bojsovih How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare. Indeed, how? Maybe if you win you have to start a dead rabbit. And then it would still be and be Boys to take an adventure you for this opportunity to remove the shield-hat, coating the honey, insulate gold leaf itself, for one leg hook iron pan, and for the second piece of felt and then went on with his explanation. Quietly, whispering mrvom rabbit ear. This could be interpreted in its attempt to highlight the arts as a way of rehabilitation and redemption, the power of art to heal spiritual restlessness and – changes. We should bear in mind the circumstances of the moment – postwar Germany where most traction demons of the past – such as Boys pulled behind an iron plate. Explaining art and the hare (which does not necessarily listen) and myself at the same time, almost swimming in Cultivating honey Boys finally feels safe enough to take off his hat. It is easier to explain the art of dead rabbit because he has more intuition than men with their stupid rationality – said the Boys (and you remember what you have learned so far: Beuys’ s strong condemnation of rationality)


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