Jamaican Sayings in Practice

There is an expression;   “Finger nefer seh look ya, always seh look there.”   I means that people project their failings and crimes on others to divert attention from themselves.

Trump knew he was going to get his bestie Putin to help pack the ballots.   He knew that going out to vote in this time of Covid was dangerous.  He knew intelligent people would mail in their ballots.   He knew most intelligent people would vote Democratic.

He knew that the count would go first to the ballots that were done at polling stations.  This should make it seem he was winning.   Then, the mail in ballots would be counted.

Intelligent people knew this, his Base, made up of brain damaged Trumpanzees would not.  Further, he knew that when they saw he was ‘winning’  and then suddenly, losing, their tiny brains would not capture reality but would believe that this was some kind of fraud or trick.

He knew he would lose.   He knew he’d made a hash of the Presidency.  

So he went out to play golf leaving everyone to invent their stories.

He would not concede, hoping his idiot Base and moronic defenders, (who filled their pockets) would take up the insanity.   And he could play golf.

While America rejoices at his departure, and other nations feel pleased that they would now be dealing with a normal human being, Trump plays golf.

He hopes the dissension he caused will lead to chaos and violence.

And he can play golf. 


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