Inside of Myself – 11

My husband,  Bob,  belonged to various clubs. When he went to meetings I’d visit my sister. 

Hanging in her flat would make it look like a ‘sister’s night’ so instead, I’d suggest we meet at various places; me, and she and her husband, Maxie.

I was always bubbling with news and good vibes, and often, there’d be others there we knew and they would distract Jenny.  

I’d talk with Maxie.  

I found out his interests, and those few which hadn’t been mine already, became mine.  Maxie and I, having the same interests meant the places I would suggest were first on his list.

We supported the same teams, disliked the same politicians, enjoyed the same drinks.  

On rare occasions when Bob didn’t have a meeting, he’d fit in so there wasn’t any ‘tell’ that ‘something else’ was going on.

Of course, nothing was going on, except in my mind.

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Written by Tall Awah

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