Ingrid Bergman II

Before the end of his life Bergman receives his last role in a series of Golda Meir, the Israeli prime minister. She was surprised because she was offered the role when the already struggling with breast cancer and is not expected to play again. Producers are saying is convinced that the role offered to her because her people believe, just as they believed Golda Meir.

They told her that i was Meir was one of those people that we think are higher than they are because they are so important. Then Bergman decided to accept the role, which for her had a special significance. The role of these great women, Jewish women, it gave her a chance to finally redemption.

Severe weather on which her aunt told Bergman had passed and no longer hide its origin; He was proud of him. Golda Meir acted very poor health and her biography is often said that no one would call to act if they knew that it was so bad. Her daughter, Isabella Rossellini, this its performance said: I myself not as portrayed in life. In life, Mother showed courage. She was always a little vulnerable, brave, but vulnerable. The mother had a kind of aura, like Golda, I was surprised to see her.When I saw this performance, I saw my mother as I had never seen.


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