Family portrait with Thanksgiving dinner

In Laws – 1

It was Candy’s birthday.   There were twenty people at her party, which was arranged by her husband’s  Mother.  

There was her Father in Law, his brother, his brother’s wife,  Mother in law’s sister and her husband,  his grandmother, cousins and friends… 

Every person at Candy’s Birthday Party was connected to her husband Dan’s family.  There was no one at that Party who shared Candy’s  genetics.

Of course, Candy didn’t realise it.

Sure, there was the pandemic so travel was not possible, but her husband’s uncle came one thousand miles to be there.

Her people could have travelled, if invited.  But they weren’t.

Candy had no inkling that what was being done was an absorption.  Dan’t family owned her, her children, and in case of divorce, she would be the one fighting for visitation rights.


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