Illusionary Superiority

To be coarse, stupid people are stupid because they don’t know what they don’t know.  Smart people are smart, because they know they don’t know everything.

Smart people know there are many things they don’t know.   Stupid people think they know it all.

In the story;  Smart Man, I use the character of Paul, a stupid man who suffers what psychologists and sociologists call Illusionary Superiority.

This is a person with a low I.Q. who believes he is intelligent.   Because of this belief he does not recognise that there are things he doesn’t know;  things he isn’t even aware of, that he doesn’t know.

Persons who can be categorised as having Illusionary Superiority make the easiest victims of any scam.

Where a Smart person would do a touch of research, ask questions, so that they would put themselves into a form of awareness or knowledge, a Stupid person doesn’t even think he doesn’t know.

When  you find such a person, in Jamaica, you ‘Ride them Bareback’.


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Written by jaylar

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