Smart Man – 11

Daraja  did not go to Nigeria,  she went across town to stay with friends.

When informed that her husband Paul had returned to the flat they shared, meaning  his Grandma had gone,  she let a day pass.

As Paul had never been close to anyone,  he didn’t catch the oddities.  With his sneering attitude and sense of his own brilliance, Paul didn’t question.

Daraja was the only other person in his life and he trusted her, without thought..

Perhaps, if he had more experience, he would question how it was that Daraja could so quickly find a flight to Nigeria, leaving the day before his Grandmother arrived, and return  so soon after.

But Paul in  his ignorance didn’t know how far Nigeria was from America.

Daraja’s sociology instructor had used the term ‘illusory superiority‘ in her very first semester.   People with low I.Q.s tend to over estimate their cognitive abilities.   Paul fit the examples perfectly.

This is why she chose him for her dupe.


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