How Abusers Abuse Themselves – part 4

When an Abuser thinks you want something that is what he will deny. It doesn’t matter that by denying you he denies himself.

If you are uncertain about the person you live with or work with, select something you know he likes or wants or supports, and mirror his attitude. Make him believe you like/want/support what he does.

If he denies himself what you have advocated then you have met an abuser. An abuser will deny himself pleasure so as to deny you.

This behaviour is common for an abuser.

Abusers don’t act in an uncontrolled manner, although it seems so. Their outbursts, their violence is measured. Like the Narcissist, it is implicit. It is not general, it is designed to hurt you.

If you are not effected, (or do not imitate being effected) he will go into a pause and search for other ‘weapons’. This is why you pretend to be upset by his choice.

To put it simply, if he thinks he ‘won’ he’ll stop.


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