Hermann Hesse

He was born on July 2, 1877 near Stuttgart, as well as a small parents sent him to the Protestant monastery, from where he escaped. The dream of writing for him was like odyssey. He wanted to be a writer and nothing else. The way to achieve this dream was like a odyssey.

He attended various schools, can not managed to find in the depressive phase of the 15 years he tried to kill himself. The search for identity, the difficult process of self – these are the themes that he would return to his novels. His works are based on personal experiences, they samoanalitičke poetic confession. Hesse’s literary breakthrough made in 1904 with the novel “Peter Kamencind”. Suddenly he could make a living from writing. He married for the first time and got the kids. However, the marriage was not for him. Family reliability was him too comfortable. It is for him a torment. Get in Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Traveling in Asia is largely influenced his later work, especially on the novel “Siddhartha”.

After his return he joined the army, but was unable to serve because of poor eyesight. He was against the war and propaganda. “Friends, do not use that tone,” he wrote after the outbreak of war in an article for the newspaper “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”, which he wanted to warn the German nationalist intellectuals that less polemics and be human. As a result, Hese experienced hostility, hatred and ridicule. It’s hard to have experienced all that has happened to him in 1917 and asked for professional help. The encounter with psychoanalysis Hesse described under the pseudonym Emil Sinclair in his novel “Demian”. Then he moved to Switzerland, to the end of life is still married twice. Traveling in Asia is largely influenced his later work, especially on the novel “Siddhartha”.

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