Grand Master of Propaganda

The world was sold on American Propaganda, which is unsurpassed.  

It begins with the Declaration of Independence, where slave owners could write;  “All Men are Created Equal.’   

 That deception has and does obliterate reality to the extent it is fully accepted and believed.  Americans refuse to recognise how racist they are,  and deny it at every opportunity.    So powerful is this lie, (one of many)  that the majority  repeat it and will defend it, ignoring the obvious.

Were George Floyd white, he would not have been murdered.   Were the rioters who invaded the Capital building black they would have been shot to death before they mounted the steps.

The racist Proud Boys bring a few mind dead non-whites into the lowest levels of their organisation.   They know that many non-whites have internalised their inferiority.   These pathetic souls believe by siding with Massa they will gain benefit.

America has been able to get people to harm themselves in such a manner that the leadership seems not to be responsible.

The reluctance of non-whites and Latinos to take the vaccination is not because the White Man said;  “We are not going to waste resources on you inferior people,”  but because they have gotten Black men, like Farrakhan to dissuade.   

If non-whites hadn’t been so brainwashed they would notice the battalions of whites racing to take the innoculations at venues set in non-white areas.   

America claims to be the most ‘advanced’  when it is other countries which offer free health care, free education.  Other countries which have had women in leadership positions.

America is quick to point to demonstrations in other nations against injustice, and  scorns the same kind of demonstration when it happens in America.

Until Americans are willing to see reality, the mind control continues.


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Written by jaylar

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